Hippy Poppins

Hippy Poppins is an interactive circus musical with accompanying pop-up circus workshops for families with children age 4-12. Discover what’s in Poppins Carpet Bag... Expect music, magic and “supercalfragjilsticexplpodcious” circus tricks!

Pirate Poppins

Pirate Poppins and her Parrot are on an adventure across the great Sea.
To find all things that begin with P.
Let me ask you one thing....Will you come with me?

An aerial adventure, with sensory circus quests to find all the treasure that begins with P.

Fairy Bubbles

Have a wash in the Fairy Garden! A walkabout bubble workshop, with all kinds of wands to make magical bubbles with! You can even stand inside them, learn a fairy dance and of course everyones favourite.... Pop the bubbles with Fairy Poppy!

The Circle Circus!

Poppin's Loves Circles, in this 20 Minute Solo Circle Circus show be mind-blown with a variety of circus tricks using all toys circular ! Make giant bubbles...Spin multiple hula-hoops...But if you can do that all on the ground why not try it .... in the air!!!

Kid in a bubble...Hula Hoop...and...Aerial Hoop....SHOW!

Wish the Witch

Wish the Witches spells never go quite right… one minute she is too tall and then... she is small…
She is forever losing her cat, and accidentally turned him into a bat…
But there is one spell she does get right… that is your Halloween Wish!
Join her for a day of stilt walking, storytelling and magic!

The White Hatter's Fortune Clock

Spin The White Hatter’s clock and turn the pages of their fortune book to discover your Wonderland fortune. Draw in their fortune book to create your very own Wonderland at your event.

Poppins the Christmas Elf

Help Poppins with her Circusy Christmas delivery! She has been busy making all the circus toys in the elf workshop and she needs your help to test them!

Crystal's Ice Ball

Crystal is frozen...lost in the ice! But there are two things that can help..her crystal ball and your Christmas wishes! Melt away the ice with a warming Christmas Wish.

Dippy and Dizzy Duck

Watch as Dippy and Dizzy swim through a stream of vail fans and giant bubbles around your event. Ask for a chocolate egg and they will take you into a world of childhood nostalgia, playing ducky games like; dizzy ducks, duck, duck goose or an egg and spoon race.

Disco Yoga!

“Are you ready for exercise? Bring the funniest post or pre-party warm-up to your event!”

Stilt Walking

Meet our long-legged friends...they are sure to get the party started! We have long legs for every occasion! Snow Queens for Christmas, Witches for Halloween and Festival Fairies for those summer festivities!

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