Multi Hula-Hoop Circus Shows

WOW, an audience of all ages with a multi-hula hoop circus show. 10 Minute Hula Hoop Shows for family or corporate audiences available. Watch Poppins hoop up to 10 hoops! Street shows are full of audience interactions , choreographed routines and mind-blowing tricks!

Aerial Hoop Shows.

Watch as Poppins dances in the air with elegance and grace. These acts are available with different themes, fairies, traditional circus, 1920's etc... Be amazed as Poppins flies through the sky! Aerial doubles are also available ,a duo acrobatics show with her fairy twin Clarita.

Fire Shows!

WOW, an audience of all ages with a multi-prop fire show including; Fire Palms, Fire Fans, Fire Poi and Fire Hoop!

LED Performances

Wow an audience with a multi-hoop led show ! Watch as Poppins Dances inside three light up hoops!

Led Poi and Hoop walkabout are also available with smart led hoops that can be customized to suit your theme!

Giant Bubble Workshop

Everybody loves bubbles! Pop bubbles, watch giant bubbles fly through the sky or even stand inside one... If that's not enough there is event a chance to blow giant bubbles yourself! A fun workshop for all ages! Available with multiple costumes.

Stilt Walking

Meet our long legged characters, the perfect WOW factor for your event!


Need a compare for your stage...we've got you! We are children's entertainment experts, with 100's of silly circus tricks, audience interactions, and ridiculous games to keep children engaged and interested between acts.

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